Blessing Those With Whom We Disagree

I butchered that title somehow, so I can’t wait to have the English major jump in and correct me. 😉

The series I have been preaching on Daniel has been incredibly challenging. The continuing thought through this whole study has been how to live in blessing toward those who are “enemies.”

Walter Brueggemann preached a message on Daniel a few years ago and mentioned the attitude of Daniel in aiding Nebuchadnezzar. In Daniel 4 the king had a dream that meant he would fall into insanity for a period of time. Rather than rejoice over the plight of his enemy, Daniel mourned over the interpretation and begged Nebuchadnezzar to take a way out. Daniel had a deep care for the man who brought down his nation.

The way we hear people throw around sarcasm and rhetoric today, you would think we’re all out for the demise of anyone who disagrees with us. I can understand that in the world, especially in the world of politics. I don’t like it, but I understand it.

But when it comes to the church, we’re just as nasty at times. We disagree horribly with each other, then there are certainly streams of Christian ideologies that seem to wish for the death of the “wicked”, etc.

This journey through Daniel challenges me. Am I looking to bless those with whom I disagree? Do I honestly pray for God’s best in their lives?

There can be disagreements all day long with whoever is president. But the level of nastiness seems a bit shameful. When George Bush was president I would listen to “liberal” Christians wish vile things on the man. I listen to “conservative” Christians do the same thing to Barack Obama. When we don’t like someone, we really don’t like someone!

We need a Daniel generation that will understand WHO they are in Christ, be unafraid to take those stands, but also live in blessing to those around them… even those with whom they may disagree.


One thought on “Blessing Those With Whom We Disagree

  1. Thank you Dan. I needed to read that. I have been challenged by Jesus for a number of years now to bless those who curse us and treat us terribly. Bless and don’t curse.

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