In physical training, the only way to get muscles to grow and get the fat off is to push the body. The body has to meet resistance. When resistance happens, growth can occur.

In spiritual training, it is the same principle. We don’t get growth by smooth sailing. We get growth through resistance. It is the necessity of growing our spiritual muscles through spiritual discipline. We put ourselves in a position of being out of our comfort zone in some way.

I am preaching through the first six chapters of Daniel to start the New Year. Daniel flourished because he met resistance. When spiritual matters, and his own life, were on the line, that’s when he saw the results of spiritual growth.

Smooth sailing is nice, but it does not sharpen our spiritual senses. Daniel was constantly in a position of testing and he could then see his God come through in the toughest of situations. Don’t flee from the tough road. Walk it and watch what God can do in your life.

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