Why is Deception So Easy?

Part of the Advent Reading is in 2 Thessalonians. Today’s reading in 2 Thess. 2:1-12.

The question here is this: Why is deception so easy?

Paul writes encouragement to the Thessalonians because he wants them to know what is truth. He lets them know they don’t have to be so easily conned in this game of, “Here comes Messiah.”

I can certainly understand that in Paul’s day. Christianity is new.

But here we are a couple of thousand years into this game, and people are still conned. Confusion is still possible. People still buy into lies. People still follow fake power.

The enemy still lurks and plans and schemes. And we still battle deception. While I know we still battle deception, I am somewhat baffled as to why it is so easy to deceive some people.

“…they have refused to love the truth that would have allowed them to be saved.” (2 Thess. 2:10, CEB)

Sometimes… well, many times… we love what we want to hear rather than love truth. This may be our problem.

May our eyes truly be glued to the God of all truth, to the One who IS truth, this Advent season.


One thought on “Why is Deception So Easy?

  1. Yes. As I went through a recent study of Mathew, the question was brought up, “if this is Messiah, why is his following so small?” John had to be reassured that Jesus was Messiah. The disciples, must have wondered from time to time. If He is who he says He is…where is everyone. Why don’t those who teach us, follow and recognize it.

    Today, what is keeping us and others from recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit. He is moving and working, and yet the “elect” remains few. May we remain sensitive to the work of God today and not get distracted/conned into looking for something else. Where do our affections lie? What/whose voice are we CHOOSING to listen to. Our lives should be intentional, our ears and thoughts should be intentional as well. Let’s intentionally listen and watch for His work.

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