Whatever you do, do NOT read the Advent passage today!

You can read the New Testament passage, the Gospel, maybe even the Psalms. But do NOT… I repeat… do NOT read that Isaiah 1:21-31 passage!

Something is really wrong with whoever put THIS in an Advent reading! I find is SOOOO rude to have Advent and thinking about Christmas and the nice and neat stuff we see all around us, and then make us read this… this… filth! 

If you MUST read this passage, skip v. 21. And if you MUST read v. 21… use the NIV or the CEB. Do NOT use the NRSV or the ESV. Horrid language.

All our nice images of Christmas, and sugar plum fairies, and nice and neat manger scenes are just destroyed with this passage. How DARE they make me read a passage about God being angry about something!

Why… (wait for it)… the God I know would never be this way!

Any reading this blog today, I can only hope you heed my warning BEFORE you get into Advent reading today! You’ll thank me later.

3 thoughts on “Whatever you do, do NOT read the Advent passage today!

  1. excellent scripture. wake up call. I like it. v. 21 needs to be read. – the Hebrew זָנָה (zanah), which occurs 94 times in 82 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV
    so. that horrible word/verse is important. intense. Thanks, Pastor. carry on….

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