An Attempt on a Life Ethic

We have passed the election season and are now in “fiscal cliff” season. We’ve had about 48 hours of feel good talk (about two weeks ago), and since that time Democrats and Republicans alike have re-trenched their positions.

Politics, culture, and religion are such hot topics. When I try to work my way through this mess, I’ve tried to articulate all along that the Christian in America needs to live prophetically. We need to live with a Kingdom agenda which cuts against the grain of both parties in some areas.

My current thinking about all of this has landed me in a place that I want to call a pro-life ethic. 

It is an ethic I want to put forward to demonstrate just how loaded that phrase in and just how desperately we need to think harder as Christians in this culture.

For instance, if I were in a conversation with someone who is typically “Democrat” in their voting, I am automatically out of the conversation. One can possibly run for dog catcher in Cleveland as a supposed “pro-life” Democrat (which would be the loaded term for someone’s view on abortion) and barely win. But to be a player on the national stage in the Democratic Party, don’t ever utter those words unless it is to deride the position on abortion.

So, in a typical Democratic circle, if I were to actually be able to say, “I have a pro-life ethic,” the conversation doesn’t even get to the next question, which might be, “What do you mean by that?”

But on the Republican side, there is also too much assumption. The question might be, “Well, if you’re pro-life of course this is your party!”

To which I would say, “No. It’s not. The GOP is not consistent with its pro-life ethic, either.”

This is the type of conversation I wish we were brave enough to have in our culture, especially within the church world.

My pro-life ethic is based on the desire to honor all of life. It’s not about “abortion” alone. It’s about what brings life, sustains life, and helps life succeed. It is also about not taking life in any way if we have the control to do so. That isn’t a “hard and fast” rule at all times because I understand the real world in which we live. But my own pro-life ethic is far more to the “pacifist” side than most “Republicans.”

As Christians, I think we should be able to articulate a much better pro-life ethic than we typically do, whether we would lean “Republican” or “Democrat.”

My contention at this point is that as believers living in the United States we should do all we can to strip those labels away and work on the life ethic of the Kingdom of God. Then, we can have meaningful conversations with Democrats at times, and Republicans at others.

I’m tired of being mad at Republicans for some reason, and then being mad at Democrats for some other reason. I would rather work to live out a true pro-life ethic and re-define what that truly means in the life of the Kingdom of God.

This is rudimentary, but I wanted to start someplace. Might as well be here.

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