Pastor Appreciation

I am a pastor, but I have been pastored all of my life.

This is Pastor Appreciation Month. A whole month? Even father’s and mother’s only get a DAY!

But I do want to give thanks for the pastors in my life:

John Skinner taught me prayer and a love for the Word. He taught me Bible quiz and that gave me a thirst for the Word I carry with me to this day.

Larry Hale was my pastor in college and continues to be my spiritual father and mentor. He taught me the deep calling of pastoring. He taught me to walk through the dark valleys with the Great Shepherd. He taught me to confront the forces that try to take down the Church. BE the shepherd.

John Palmer taught me leadership and the heart of a pastor as well. He still sends me texts from time to time letting me know I am still in his prayers.

I am deeply grateful to these incredible men who have modeled true pastoring to me over the years.

I give thanks.

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