Watch for the Blessings Throughout the Day

Today is Tuesday, but it’s acting very “Monday,” in that way we don’t like Monday.

But it is no matter, because it is always incredible to catch the small blessings along the way. My new old beater car didn’t start this morning and I was running late. I ran to catch the bus up to the church, trying to reschedule my day in my head. This was a day I needed a vehicle and things were now getting stretched in time because of transportation.

Thinking through this day and mumbling short prayers for help, I found myself also thanking the Lord for these opportunities. One reason I like the bus is it’s a way to slow down. I have to pause.

The pause was well worth it. When I was close to my stop, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a man I deeply admire as a church musician. He and I have done some work together for Good Friday services in our community and I deeply admire his talent and his heart for God. He greeted me and we had a great, though brief, conversation. The pleasure of knowing this man and seeing him on a day that wasn’t starting so well immediately lifted me up.

Without a lousy car, I would have missed this brief, uplifting encounter.

Watch for blessings throughout your day!

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