The Process of Discipleship and the Beauty of Communion

I wrote earlier about the process of discipleship.

When it comes to obedience, we so often need to “loop” right back up to faith. Discipleship isn’t “linear.” It’s a cycle. It’s a cycle that grows, but we never “leave” a certain step or stage of the process. We build.

That is the beauty of communion. It “loops” us around.

We come back to faith. We come back to the reality of the Beatitudes: no one is beyond Kingdom blessing. We come to Table of the Lord saying, “Thank you, Lord, for reaching down to touch my life. I am not beyond your reach!”

We need the constant reminder that we are broken human beings in need of the blessing of the Kingdom. We come to this table and realize that YES! the Kingdom of God HAS touched us! We are truly blessed.

The gifts of God ARE for the people of God!

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