Am I Conducting the Business of My Master?

Matthew 25:14-30 is the parable of the ten coins (or talents).

The question I come away with in this parable is this: Am I conducting myself in the way my Master would conduct business? Have I paid enough attention to what he has said that I know how to live life while he is away?

The servants all knew the master. They knew what to do. Two followed the pattern. One didn’t. One decided he would live in fear. Life in the Kingdom is life on the edge. You have to put things on the line and risk in order to gain. The third servant feared the loss more than he anticipated the gain. He decided NOT to walk in the manner of his master… and lost.

Are we following the footsteps of our Master? Are we conducting Kingdom business in his pattern? Are we living in a way that utilizes the Kingdom’s power to its fullest? Are we living in trust because we know the Father?

Conduct yourself in the manner of the One who left you to do HIS task. It is HIS work… not ours.

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