We Don’t Talk About Expectations in the Kingdom of God

I am beginning to read through 1-2 Corinthians for next week’s service. One of the things we just don’t like to talk about in American Christianity is expectations. Not of each other… but God’s expectations of us. There is a higher calling. We have to “give up to go up.” We are live with the allegiance of a Kingdom in mind.

And we are to be willing to be transformed.

2 Cor. 3:18 talks about being transformed into the image of Christ. The word for image is where we get “icon.” In the Orthodox Church that has significance. There is a high view of humanity. In fundamentalist circles… we’re worms.

But the expectation is clear. Not that we really want to go for it. We are to be icons of Christ. How we walk… live… talk… reflects Christ.

And I thought when I got up this morning my biggest goal would be to exercise…

One thought on “We Don’t Talk About Expectations in the Kingdom of God

  1. As I start to read 1 Corinthians, I am thinking of paradigm shifts. As followers of Christ, I think a lot of times we are like adolescents, so influenced by our peers. We are afraid to speak up, defend truth, or be seen as different. I recall adolescence, and I don’t want to do that again! My behaviors didn’t always match up with my own thoughts and attitudes about things.

    In 1 Corinthians, Paul is trying to address behavior of the Church, and in doing so is trying to help them shift how it is they see themselves. 1 Corinthians 2 “…To those who have been made holy to God in Christ Jesus.” Verse 9 “God is faithful, and you were called by Him to partnership with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” God sees us as HOLY. As followers we say that He is holy, that is set apart in our lives from and above all other things. But, God sees us as holy! To Him we are set apart and above all other beings. He has “made us rich through Him in EVERYTHING.” And God says we are his partner. The end of Chapter 1 and then in 2 and 3 Paul talks about the foolishness of the world and the wisdom of God. Again, paradigm shift.

    We are ealy in this exercise, but one thing I am observing is in my life is how I have been conditioned to think and react. My thought process and reactions are often times based in the “wisdom” of this world. The world is dictating my thought patterns. I am concerned with keeping it pleased as opposed to the Lord, much like my parents when I was an adolescent. I’m reading Paul’s words and am hearing that I have lots of “growing up to do.” I am also recognizing the importance of training/conditioning…not only for my life, but also in the lives my children. Am I teaching them/raising them with the awareness that they are set apart by God, partners with Him through Christ. Do they recognize the foolishness of the world and the wisdom of God. What am I doing in my life to foster that environment.

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