Slave to sin… or slave to righteousness? Either way, you’re owned. Something vies for control. Something vies for allegiance.

Christ has come to set us free. That freedom leads to new “ownership.” The terms of slavery are used, but freedom is found in the new “ownership.”

We are headed into the Pentecost Sunday. It is a celebration of the Day of Pentecost. We also need to understand the power of the Spirit in our lives. It is beyond an “event” as Pentecostals would describe it. It is about being owned. Being controlled.

Are we truly under the Spirit’s power?

6 But now we have been released from the Law. We have died with respect to the thing that controlled us, so that we can be slaves in the new life under the Spirit, not in the old life under the written Law. (Rom. 7:6, CEB)

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