Smith Wigglesworth on the Ministry of the Word

“By the grace of God I want to impart the Word, and bring you into a place where you will dare to act upon the plan of the Word, to so breathe life by the power of the Word that it is impossible for you to go on under any circumstances without his provision. The most difficult things that come to us are to our advantage from God’s side. When we come to the place of impossibilities, it is the grandest place for us to see the possibilities of God.”
-Smith Wigglesworth

One thought on “Smith Wigglesworth on the Ministry of the Word

  1. One of the greatest lessons I learnt from Smith, is that of the need for the gift of faith. He would say, he would go in prayer / ministry as far as his own faith would take him, and if it wasn’t enough, plead to the Lord for him to add to his faith, the gift of faith. For with that gift of faith, he knew beyond all doubt he would receive what he was asking for in regards to salvations, healings, miracles etc.

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