The Miracle in Your House

I am blatantly stealing from Tommy Barnett. I am an honest thief.

He had a sermon called, “There’s a miracle in your house!” (And then a book.)

2 Kings 4:1-7 tells the story of Elisha and the widow. She has nothing to pay her debts. Elisha asks what she has in the house. She had nothing but a small jar of oil. Elisha tells her to go collect as many jars from her neighbors as she can find. Bring them all into the house and start filling each jar. The widow went to find as many jars as possible. Then, she began pouring. The oil didn’t run out until the last jar was filled.

In Mark 8 Jesus has his disciples feed the 4,000. The disciples are worried about the huge crowd.

“How much do you have?” Jesus asked.

“Seven loaves.”

“Start feeding, then.”

8 They ate until they were full. They collected seven baskets full of leftovers. (Mark 8:8, CEB)

They ate all they needed. And then there were leftovers. God isn’t about scarcity. He is about abundance. But this is interesting in these stories: God isn’t about storing it up in our bank accounts, vast property holdings, or flashy jewelry, either. (Just a thought. I’m meddlin’ now… I know.)

Here is the incredible lesson of the Kingdom of God: pour out what you have and watch God keep supplying. Don’t wait for a better day, or a richer day. Pour out NOW.

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