Top 2011 List — No Order, and No Number

I have no way to organize a “Top Ten” list of any sort. Even trying to remember something 11 months ago is a challenge for me!

So… Top Events, Books, Movies, Etc. of 2011

— Game 6 of the World Series. Just a classic.

— Josiah graduates high school.

— The Arab Spring.

— NIV 2011

— Common English Bible

— Captain America

— The demise of Osama bin Laden (let the handwringing angst begin among my liberal friends, but this is a top event no matter how you slice it).

— The demise of Muammar Qadaffi (see above).

— The demise of Kim Jong Il (see above). (Come on! It’s a trifecta!)

— The scandal of Penn State

— We seem to be having a bad year…

The King Jesus Gospel (shout out to Scot McKnight)

— Did I mention Game 6 of the World Series?

— Death of Steve Jobs

I am far too random and know I miss far too much.

The great list I could have is I have an incredible family to be thankful for, a great church where I pastor, and great students where I teach.

It’s been a blessed 2011. Now onto the end of the world in 2012.



2 thoughts on “Top 2011 List — No Order, and No Number

  1. the list is great!!! I don’t know if i can come up with 10, but i do have 3 that come to my mind… Game 6 of the World Series, the Movie THOR, and also the death of Steve Jobs. the baseball game was intense; the movie was exciting; and the passing of Jobs gave me a feeling of gratitude for all he accomplished.

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