12 thoughts on “The Common English Bible and the use of “Human One”

  1. Thanks for the video link; Dr. Green performs admirably in his attempt to explain/defend the CEB committee’s decision to translate “Son of Man” as “Human One.” It may indeed be an accurate translation, but I still don’t think it’s a very good one. To my ears, at least, it doesn’t really clarify what the translators seem to think it clarifies. In addition, such a novel rendering almost necessitates additional explanation, simply because an already mysterious(but, perhaps, somewhat familiar) term is still mysterious, but now unfamiliar, as well!

    I guess my point is this: since I’m going to have to explain either term in my teaching and preaching, I’d rather explain a term that has some background in tradition and presence in multiple translations. “Son of Man” fits that bill for me. Just my two cents.

      1. Thanks, Dan… I know you’re not trying to defend the CEB. I’ve read many of your previous posts, and I think you’ve been very fair and objective in your approach to this translation. And I’m not upset or frustrated; there are certain renderings in the CEB that I think are quite good. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and reflections on the CEB; they’ve challenged me to think through some of their choices for myself. Some I like, and others, well…like you, I’m trying to understand. Many of your posts have helped me along in that journey, so keep up the good work!

        I hope my earlier post didn’t come across as an attack; it certainly wasn’t intended in that way. I appreciate the effort the team has made with this difficult term, but I simply prefer “Son of Man” to “The Human One.” 🙂

        Thanks again!

  2. No apology necessary. I was only clarifying because some people coming here for the first time may not understand, as you clearly do, what I’ve been trying to do. I agree 100 percent with your first post!

  3. In a society that doesn’t especially know what it means to be human any more, the term “human one” may be no more illuminating than “son of man”…

  4. I too prefer son of man primarily for biblical/theological reasons… Though I really liked listening to Joel Green and appreciate his work, especially his Luke commentary in the NICNT set.

  5. If I closed my eyes I would have sworn it was John Goodman speaking!

    Joel Green was recently at our seminary. Good speaker and nice guy. Although I like his explanation I disagree with the translation. I think that kind of translation is what the pastor should be doing. I also wonder if it will be the undoing of the translation as a whole because many conservatives just simply won’t like it. I am open minded and I don’t like it. Not for theological reasons though.

    1. Who is John Goodman? Was second paragraph your thought or the quote of the mysterious John Goodman? (And please answer before I think it was the guy who played Roseanne Barr’s husband!)

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