Letting Out the Song

This week seems to be a reflection on the quiet desperation people may have in their lives. The quote from Thoreau mentions the song we have in our hearts.

I want the song within me to be sung. The song of the King needs to be released. It’s a joy when that happens. I love seeing it when the song is being released from others. When we choose not to live in quiet desperation, but allow the dream to come alive, it’s a beautiful thing.

Last night I watched people live their dreams. My youngest son helped put together a benefit concert for the Invisible Children project. With his friend, they invited young singers to give their time and talent to help raise money for a cause. My son is releasing his song, even though he is still in high school. Their efforts raised over $600 through inviting high school and college age kids (along with a few parents) to join them at a coffee house and listen to some great music.

The young artists who sang last night are living their dreams as well. One you will want to pay attention to over the next few years is Nicole Serrano. She has one CD out (that she produced in college) and is getting ready to record another one. She is living out her passions and the song is not going to die with this young lady!

We need to live out our passions. We need to hang around other people with that are living out their passions. No more quiet desperation! Let the song out!

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