“Christian” Candidates

The question is this: Should Christians vote for Christians?

Do those candidates who claim Christianity boldly deserve a vote from Christians solely based on their proclamation?

Should Christians cheer for Tim Tebow simply because he’s a Christian? And on the opposite side: Does his Christianity make him fair game for ridicule by a skeptical press?

These are the deep questions of life. 😉


3 thoughts on ““Christian” Candidates

  1. Great question, and I say no. The Kingdom of God has nothing to do with the nation we live in. Sharing faith with someone does not mean they will do a better job governing.

  2. No, and I won’t buy a car from a guy just because he has a fish pin on his lapel. I’m actually turned off by salesmen or politicians pandering for my vote through religion.

    I will hope for the best for my brothers and sisters in the Lord, so I hope Tebow succeeds. But if he played for the Bears I would pray for the best for him as he sits on the bench.

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