Preaching the Prophetic or Preaching the Politics?

Today seems to be a day where a bunch of preachers are going to “climb into their pulpits” and brazenly give their political views. First of all, not too many conservative evangelicals (and that is what they are talking about in this story) “climb into pulpits.” They kind of dance onto a stage, I think. Well, “dance” may not be the right word… but I digress.

As I read this article (and cringe), I am reminded of a saying:

The preaching of the gospel is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

Whether it’s a “liberal” church allowing a Democrat office holder to take the pulpit, or a “conservative” church allowing some Tea Party politician to take control of the stage, it is dangerous territory.

The Church, on either side, will have lost its true prophetic voice when that happens.

I honestly don’t care one way or the other what the position of the IRS is on tax status. The Church does not serve the IRS. But the Church shouldn’t serve the Republicans or the Democrats, either.

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