One of the things I was thinking about for remembering 9/11 was actually visiting a mosque. Go to a Friday prayer. In the local mosques visitors are welcome. There is no expectation of following the prayers.

Since I begin teaching next week and my Fridays will be too busy, I went today. It is a mosque I usually visit, though it had been years since I last went.

As I sat and observed, I prayed. I so long for Jesus to be revealed to this group of people. There was nothing flashy about the visit. I didn’t even try to speak to the imam after the service. My presence was only to keep my heart open and pray for the Spirit of Jesus to truly be revealed in their lives.

Today is the last Friday of Ramadan so it is considered a very holy day. The emphasis on Ramadan and the work of God in their lives was taught. The end of Ramadan is a sacred time for them, much like the end of Lent would be for many Christians. There is anticipation.

In the past ten years I have had good Muslim friends, but today I realized those relationships need to be improved. In my busyness I just set aside the time normally used to visit my Muslim friends. I need to restore it in some way.

These are significant days in which we live. We must choose to walk in the Spirit of Messiah. The call of the Kingdom is to bless and to love. Ten years ago on 9/11 I called my Muslim friends to make sure they were okay. This year I will stop by and visit once again.

Lord, teach us to bless and not fear.

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