Mark Driscoll, Women Heroes, and Our Loss of Civility

I won’t get to ALL that stuff the title implies. Mark Driscoll, as per his normal routine, makes the blogging world rock. He cut into “effeminate” looking worship leaders who happened to be men. It’s Mark Driscoll. He’s rude, crude and gets hype because of it.

It’s led to a backlash and then examination of how we should interact more properly on the internet. It’s worth reading my friend Mark’s thoughts on being careful as to carry our comments (as pastors) online. I wish I had his restraint much more often. It’s something I work on.

The way Driscoll says things is just crude at times. It is who he is and it plays well to some segment that keeps him going. Such is life.

HOWEVER, as I read through the Book of Judith I am reminded that for all Driscoll’s chest thumping at men always being the hero, there are times God WILL use women. And it’s more often than he would like to think, I’m sure. While I am sure someone like Driscoll would say, “Well, God used a woman like Judith because some man didn’t step up,” I would invite such people to actually read the story. It is doubtful for all his bravado and chest thumping, Driscoll could pull off Judith’s stunt. (If you haven’t read the Book of Judity, let’s just say Driscoll lacks the “figure” for the calling.)

At any rate, I do get upset with the crudeness of irrational statements that “tough guy” preachers put out at times. I have to let myself calm down, then move on. And then I am reminded through wonderful stories like Judith that are incredible heroines God does indeed use, whether we like it or not.


5 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll, Women Heroes, and Our Loss of Civility

  1. I cannot remember a single time you have been rude crude or uncouth? I have always felt you are measured and Christ like. I suspect you’re being a tad harsh on yourself! 🙂

  2. Judith truly is a wonderful story and ideal for reading. Mark Driscoll is still fascinating to listen to preaching, but I personally believe he is way over the top with crassness that is un-Christlike. He can be as manly as he wants…but manliness does not mean acting like a jerk.

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