Introducing in this corner Francis Chan with his latest entry into the foray and fallout from Rob Bell’s book.

I do not think having these conversations is wrong, but if I were conducting these interviews (be it Rob Bell or Francis Chan or Mark Galli or whoever is next out with a book), I dream it would go something like this:

ME: So tell me (fill in name here), what REALLY prompted you to write this book?

OTHER: Well, Dan, it seemed to me I needed a bit more revenue. I already have a large audience (or church or readership), so I thought, “Hey, I’d like that vacation home by the lake so I don’t have to keep paying for vacations every year.” So, I wrote the book.

ME: So let’s talk about your take on eternal damnation…

OTHER: Can I be honest? I was only stirring the pot. That makes money, you know. Just preaching the gospel? You kidding me? You need to kick over a few chairs, make some noise. I don’t HAVE a position. Ask me what I think right now, or just take a swing at what you THINK I said in that book. Go ahead.

ME: Well, Rob, it seems you are leaning more to the universalist side…

OTHER (Rob, in this case): WHAT? Did you even READ my book? Are you kidding me?

ME: Ummm…

OTHER (Rob, in this case): See? That PLAYS on TV, I’m tellin’ ya! Get in the face of someone and just keep asking more questions…

ME: Well, that about wraps that up with (fill in the name). Thanks for the time.

OTHER: No problem. Where’s my check?

(DISCLAIMER: Please note this is filed under HUMOR and tagged HUMOR. Deal with it. 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Hell is Still Selling

  1. lol! I have Donald Bloesch’s book, The Last Things and, well, where was all the hubub when that book came out??!! lol. (he doesn’t say too much different than Bell.

  2. But Bloesch would actually SAY things instead of just keep asking a series of questions not meant to be really answered! LOL

    But I WILL have to check Bloesch out on this one. I like him as a theologian.

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