Matthew 10 — The Separation Factor

Jesus pulls no punches. It’s almost like he says to people in his day, “Here is what the Kingdom of God is ALL about. Measure this out. Count the cost. It is WORTH it. BUT… if you think you have a better offer somewhere else, take it.”

How else do you explain it? Jesus never sugar coats the deal.

“You want to follow me? Then your love for me better look so amazing that love for your father and mother looks like hatred.”

“You want to follow me? Don’t think I came to bring peace. I came with a sword. There is a separation factor that is critical in my Kingdom.”

Yes, he explains the POWER of the Kingdom as well. But he puts it ALL out there in a way that says, “This is an incredible life I am offering. But if you’re not on board, go your way.” He doesn’t drag people into his Kingdom.

Do we truly know THIS Jesus that shows up in Matthew 10? Are we paying attention to what he is saying about separation? I know we can talk all day long about how the Church has done such a bad job and it’s no wonder people don’t follow Christ… but the fact of the matter is that people didn’t follow Christ when he was on the earth! He himself separates.

“Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

Where did all the warm fuzzies go?

Jesus IS beautiful. He IS the Master Teacher. His way DOES have separating effects. Are we ALL IN?


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