The Southern Baptists Should Have Been More Preemptive

While they were at it this week, the Southern Baptists should have gone ahead and condemned the forthcoming Common English Bible. I guess they can wait until next year.

I have been intrigued by the New Testament of the CEB, which I’ve had for several months. (My name is Dan and I’m a translation junkie…)

But a couple of areas that get too uncomfortable for me keep me wondering if I am reading too much into the goals of the new translation. One is very simple. I don’t like using “happy” instead of “blessed” in the Beatitudes. It’s a personal thing. “Happy” has to do with our attitude and I don’t believe the Beatitude have to do with us “achieving” something.

The other is just tough. It is the use of “Human One” rather than Son of Man in reference to Jesus. This review really helps me flesh out what I am uncomfortable with.

Overall, I almost can’t help myself as I think about getting the full CEB in a few months. One thing I want it for is the use of the Apocrypha. This is one area I wish the NIV 2011 had been a little more brave on. I think their use of the Apocrypha might have solidified their position among Emergent believers and even Orthodox. As a lifelong Pentecostal, I still would like to see more use of the Apocrypha.

Well, at any rate, we can look forward to yet another condemnation of a translation by the Southern Baptists next year.


3 thoughts on “The Southern Baptists Should Have Been More Preemptive

  1. Christ was with God in the beginning of time. He represents Man. He coming from God, in God’s image. My spirit doesn’t sit well with the phrase The Human One. (and it has nothing to do with my adherence to mostly King James Version either). As Daniel seen Him, i would like to see it the same way too. the Jews knew of the scriptures from Daniel’s prophesy. Whether they believed Christ as the Messiah -God or their answer to overthrow the Roman gov’t with a new King and warrior, is not the issue. the prophesy doesn’t change Who Christ says he is and His mission.

  2. Happy is what that word means. Happy not in an attitude, but in a sense of being fortunate… its the same concept that starts out the Psalms in Psalm 1. It’s kind of like asking “are you happy?”

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