Walking in Kingdom Power is About Using What You Have

I am walking my way through the Old Testament narrative right now and currently find myself in the story of David and Goliath. I love these stories!

When David volunteered to take on Goliath, Saul tried to lend David his armor. They were not fit for David. They had been fit for Saul. David simply said, “I cannot go in these.” He used what he had: his sling.

What do you have? Too often I obsess about what I don’t have. (“Well, if I had THIS our church would do that…”, or some other such dreaming.)

It’s not about what you don’t have. It’s about what you HAVE. What is in your hand? What have you been trained in to this point? Offer it up. It was absolutely absurd to think of going into battle with a sling. But it would have been insane for David to go into battle with untested equipment.

What you have in your life is from God. Use it. Become familiar with it. Then, watch what he can do with it when battles come. Being used in the Kingdom isn’t about what you don’t have. It’s about what you have in your hand, and you offer it up for use in the Kingdom.

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