I am not opposed to the conversations Rob Bell has generated by his book Love Wins. We need to have these discussions, though I don’t think they are going particularly well. We just have our problems with the concept of hell and wanting to wish it away. (A notion I’m not opposed to myself. But, alas, it is simply a notion on my part.)

What is so interesting is the publishing industry. Hell for the Christian book world has become what vampires were to the secular publishing world. All of a sudden everyone is taking up this subject. Because it’s worth taking up? Umm… not really. Publishers don’t take up topics for the sake of discussion. They have to make money. They take up the subject if it sells.
So, we have Rob Bell, now Francis Chan, and now Mark Galli from Christianity Today.
Publish or perish. (Modified to make money while you publish or perish.) And if you perish, at least there won’t be a hell to go to. 😉

One thought on “And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

  1. i recognize Francis chan also , but not the one from Christianity today. if its another band wagon that people jump on for the buzz word topic for the day (like vampire stuff in movies, graphic novels and teen fiction) then marketing it and making money is working quite well i would say.
    Hell does exist no matter what we think about it. It will not go away. and so if a book comes out to say otherwise and people don’t want to accept that, well, there you go.

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