I know I just posted about the amazing generosity of my community, but the examples are so precious to me.

This morning I had my sons drop me off at the church so they could have the car for the rest of the week while I head off to a silent retreat. Later in the morning I decided to take a walk and headed over to a small breakfast and lunch diner several blocks from the church. As I sat down I said hello to a long time resident of the city I knew. He invited me to join him and his wife, then had another gentleman join us as well. The four of us sat and told stories and talked about the city and how good things are going.

As I got ready to leave I noticed the owner of the restaurant had given all the bills to my friend. I asked him if he would hand my bill over.

“No, this one’s on me.”

“Happy Thursday!” his wife chimed in.

I walked back to the church just blown away by amazing generosity. It doesn’t take a lot.

Too much of what I see in ministry these days is what I call “whale hunting.” We are out looking for those big givers. If we would just stay open and generous, we’d find that more often than not we have what we need right around us. It’s not in the huge gifts. But it can be found in meaningful gifts.

Be open. Look to bless others. Pick up the breakfast meal tab every once in awhile. Maybe even do it anonymously. My friend’s wife was telling me he liked to do it for soldiers. He will tell the waitress, “I’d like to buy that soldier’s meal, but please don’t tell him. Just bring me the check.”

Amazing generosity. I truly love this community where I have the privilege of pastoring.

One thought on “Amazing Generosity Within My Community

  1. Generosity is an attitude of heart and it overflows from the small things we do.

    On an aside I no longer teach or believe in tithing; instaed I prefer to promote generosity… tithing restrains – generosity has no bounds.

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