This past Sunday was a great day of giving. In the morning before church we hit the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast. The club that runs the breakfast raises several thousand dollars for projects for kids. It’s always a great opportunity for giving… and I get to eat!

In the afternoon after church I went over to a fundraiser for a local man who served in Afghanistan. He had suffered serious injuries after an IED explosion, including the loss of his right arm. A local business had put together a great event. It was so incredible to see thousands of people come through to support this young man. I was blown away by the generosity of a community as they honored a soldier who gave so much to protect our freedoms.

In the evening it was back to my church where they were raising money for our youth missions team to go to New York City. Generous people in our church had organized a coffee shop, silent auction, and concert. My youngest son Jared had put together the concert with several local bands and then invited friends through facebook. We were able to reach the final goal so our youth pastor and a couple of young ladies could go on this trip!

The generosity was overwhelming, but it really went over the top when two young high school ladies came up to me and asked, “Can we just make a donation?” (There was a $2 cover charge for the concert they had already paid.) I said, “Of course.” One then handed me a $20 bill and the other handed me a $10 bill. Just giving. They saw something worth doing and gave to it.

Generosity is so incredibly contagious. It was in at epidemic proportions on Sunday in my community.

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