Is This the Week of Release for the NIV 2010?

I keep seeing signs that March 1 is the date to buy a hard copy. However, release dates of some editions on say March 15. Our local Christian bookstore was sold to Lifeway last year. I’ve been in there several times in the past few weeks asking when the NIV update will be out and every time they all say the same thing: “I haven’t heard.”

But a few reviews are demonstrating to me this will be a good edition. This review has some positive things to say even on the changes from the TNIV to NIV 2010. Yet, in the areas of comparison (with the exception of “flesh” being used in the NIV 2010), most changes are not from the TNIV to the NIV 2010, but from the 1984 edition to the TNIV. So, I’ll probably be able to hold on to my TNIV for a good long time. No complaints there.

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