In August of 2010 I took a month-long sabbatical. During my times of prayer the Lord renewed my call as pastor. There was also a direction to seek out my former pastor from college and ask him to intentionally step in as my spiritual father/mentor. In that process was also a direction from the Spirit for my pastor to lay hands on me and “re-ordain” me into ministry.

Over the past few months Pastor Hale and I have reconnected and talked about what all of this means. Yesterday he came to hold a service at our church and we had an incredibly special time of “re-ordination.” There was a time of reaffirming the call of God on my life to pastor. This was much more meaningful because we did this in my church. I affirmed my call. He also had the church reaffirm their commitment as well. It was a beautiful time.

I am thankful for the call of God on my life, and for the call of God to pastor this church. It was a sacred moment for me.

Laying on of hands by Pastor Hale and the deacons
Pastor and Berneice Hale with Terri and myself

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