Humming Along

My wife is leading a small group on Sunday nights based on Greg Boyd’s book Present Perfect. It is a reflection on keeping our minds turned toward God on a regular basis.

There are all kinds of ways to try and turn our minds toward God. We can try and think about God. We can try and meditate on Scripture.

The constant for me, however, is humming. Or whistling. I’m just old enough to remember these things called hymns. I’m just old enough to remember when worship songs were written with ordinary people in mind. (Today they’re written for polished musicians to perform them while ordinary people watch helplessly.) So, I have a wealth of songs floating through my head that I can hum or whistle at any given time.

People talk on blue tooth devices and seem sane. Why should I not hum or whistle my way through the day? It can’t look any more strange.

Humming keeps a tune in my mind that will bubble up the words to that tune from time to time. I can then reflect on those words and find comfort, peace, hope, etc. Humming a tune throughout the day works into my spirit as well. It adds a calming effect when I could be panicked about something.

Find your tune and hum along through the day.

2 thoughts on “Humming Along

  1. excellent. sometimes i wake up to a tune or song in my head , and repeat it in my mind, then when i get to work i go online to look for the lyrics and print them. and read them (with out the tune melody) and see what God wants me to see. I believe some songs that are in my head are from the Holy Spirit. just for that day, a good meditation.

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