Gut Punch

It is unbelievable how this week has unfolded. The news keeps coming and it’s so heart-wrenching. A friend struggling with a wife’s mental illness. The loss of a great woman of God (my wife’s grandmother). The news of cancer striking at a friend, and they have kids all under the age of 12. The news of a children pastor’s wife dying suddenly. Overwhelming.

A few weeks ago I was in a Borders bookstore and saw the new book by Mary Beth Chapman. I could only read the first two pages as she related that horrible day when their son accidentally ran over their five-year-old daughter… I had to put the book down and almost run out of the store because of my emotions. Now, an interview in Christianity Today tells her story and you will want to read it. Have the Kleenex close by.

These are days for crying out to God. We need to see some miracles. We need to grieve. We need God to be our ever present help in times of trouble.

2 thoughts on “Gut Punch

  1. Excellent read on Christianity Today. God is gracious, He shown all that He wanted Mary Beth to see – givingher and Steven signs; and He spoke to her all that He wanted her to know – that her daughter is in the hands of the LORD, she is doing okay and that they will be with her once again. That’s a promise. Always.

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