Coming Aside

I will be taking a “mini-sabbatical” in August. It’s the first time I have tried this. I pastor a small church and we simply can’t afford to go longer with the time frame, but I am grateful for the opportunity to come aside.

This sabbatical is crucial. I’ve been pastor at this church for 12 years. Earlier this year I felt the leading of the Spirit to come aside and hear what the Lord would have for us as a church. The noise of life has been overwhelming and I just need to hear.

The first week will be spent in a silent retreat. (Mostly silent, anyway.) This will be the most crucial time, since the noise of life has been so intense, I just have too much junk built up. It will take some intense prayer to clear the junk out!

During that time, and probably the duration of August, I will make every effort to NOT be on the computer. Blogging has become addicting! I love following so many blogs and the interaction with many of you has been wonderful.

So, I’ll try to blog like a madman for the next five days! 😉

I appreciate your prayers during this time. It is crucial for my ministry and our church.

6 thoughts on “Coming Aside

  1. I think a sabbatical is very important, especially once you recognize noise problems. A nice thing about teaching is that a sabbatical is built into the summer months, and I have been enjoying it to the full. I haven’t gone through a techno-fast, but tried it for a day. Enjoy your time off with family, friends and God. Will be praying for you during your virtual absence.

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