I am currently working my way through the Book of John in my preaching. Today focuses on John 3:22-36. John the Baptist’s testimony was that Jesus needed to become greater and he needed to fade into the background.

John the Baptist would just not fit in today. He needed to learn about “market share” and “branding his ministry.”

John’s great joy was getting heaven’s assignment and completing it. Nothing else mattered to him.

I get anxiety in ministry. Performance anxiety. It’s not just for the bedroom anymore. (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist that.)

Pastoral ministry has become so pragmatic and formulaic. Plug in the systems and just watch your church grow! If it’s not growing, something is wrong!

I don’t discount the desire for growing churches. I just get sick of the formulas. What ever happened to exalting the King of kings and Lord of lords and letting him sort this out?

In the spirit of Father’s Day, and greatness, I want to send my love to great men that have never made it on TBN, CBN,or CNN.

My dad, Charles Thompson. Incredible man of God who loves God, his family, and the church. It has been my absolute joy to watch this man continue his passionate pursuit of God even in retirement. He is tireless for the church he attends. He is always learning and growing. Thanks for the incredible example all these years, Dad.

My spiritual mentor, John Skinner. He is pastoring in Louisiana now, but he is the one who saw God’s calling on my life and mentored me in prayer when I was in junior high and high school. I am deeply grateful for his love and vision. Thanks for your passionate love for God, Pastor!

My spiritual mentor, Larry Hale. Pastor Hale was my pastor in college and has served as my ministry mentor ever since. I posted a blog on his retirement, but I want to send him my love again. I will never forget the ministry lessons he demonstrated when I first met him. I still glean from his wisdom and humor. You are loved, Pastor Hale.

These men love God. They have served in their assignments from heaven. They show off the greatness of God.

4 thoughts on “Greatness

  1. I understand this. Market share, branding, all to well since I work for a newspaper. It is sad when this happens where it becomes as an organization, a ‘corporation’ type church rather than an organism of a body of people doing the call of God, glorifying His name and us stepping aside.

  2. Good job. I love your father as well. The years we spent @ New Hope were very special. He and your mother have a special place in my heart

  3. is that the John Skinner who was a AGTS for a while? If so, he rules! He’s why I went to AGTS and when I got there they had fired him – I was bummed (not his fault, they were making changes and he got cut).

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