The Call to Follow

I am preaching on the last part of John 1 this Sunday. It is the call to discipleship. John uses key words in describing the process of discipleship. Some of John the Baptist’s followers were pointed toward Jesus, so they followed. They wanted to know where he stayed. His response: “Come and see.”

The call to discipleship is the same in our lives. Someone points the way. Something has called us to consider Christ. We follow at a distance. He invites us to come closer. “Come and see.”

The life of the disciple is not one merely of love. I love Jesus. But I must KNOW him as well. I can “love” him, and be all wrong about him. Then, I talk about the “love” of Christ like I know. But if I do not know him, I do not know his love. I only know my version of love.

The call to discipleship is to “taste and see” that the Lord is good. It is not just “love.” It is knowing. My life must be spent knowing him. The more I know him, the more I love him.

3 thoughts on “The Call to Follow

  1. Dwell on the words ‘come and see’. When we love some one, we go with them in everything. we join them with what they like, what they do, where they go, what makes them happy, sad, angry, scared, everything. We want to be a part of their lives and by doing so, we become one with them.

    Dwell in the words ‘to know’
    To know is to become very intimate with that person in all avenues of his/her being. We get to know them by engaging with that special someone. We become very intimate with them.

    That is with Christ. if we don’t have that with Christ – to come and see what He is all about, and to want to be intimate with Him, as we do with the ones we love dearly, than we are shortchanging here.

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