War and the Church

I have a tough time on the issue of war, going to war, etc. This post by Michael Gorman is about as good as I have found in thoughtful consideration of the church’s stance and then the thoughtful consideration of what governments have to do.

I invite you to read his short post, but also one of his lengthy responses. It’s good. I can’t agree with everything he says, but it’s a good thoughtful response.

The quote from Eugene Peterson regarding the Book of Revelation and the Red Horse is incredibly powerful:

For a time, writ large in the headlines, war is perceived as an evil, and there are prayers for peace. But not for long, for it is quickly glamorized as patriotic or rationalized as just. But war is a red horse, bloody and cruel, making life miserable and horrid…. The perennial ruse is to glorify war so that we accept it as a proper means of achieving goals. But it is evil. It is opposed by Christ. Christ does not sit on the red horse, ever.

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “War and the Church

  1. I agree that war is evil–a force of destruction. But I see that God, Himself, initiated it in the OT. And if war is always evil, what do we do when our nation is oppressed and attacked? I’m not even saying we’re there yet, but there are nations and peoples who would ravish this country and eliminate every right we’ve come to take for grantit. On the other hand, we need to be in prayer, asking God for peace and for His solution before we jump to war.

    Lord give our president and our leaders wisdom every day. Amen

    1. I think Gorman’s point is the church has a different stance than a nation. The church, in his view, remains neutral and the government has a job as well. It may be a reaction toward the glorification of war within a church service.

  2. Well put, Terri

    and to tell you something this is from Woodland Hills church:

    Our next Q&A with Greg Boyd and Paul Eddy is on Tuesday, May 11, The Q&A is titled “Love & Wrath: Reconciling the violence of the Old Testament with a loving God.” we will stream the video of the Q&A live online! More info at http://www.whchurch.org/wrath.

    this could be very interesting…

  3. Sorry Dan, I confess, I didn’t read the articles before I commented. Shame on me. I’d planned to read them later when I have more time.

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