Mountains Out of Molehills

A judge in Wisconsin seems to have ruled the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional. The suit was filed by, of course, a coalition that was touting freedom FROM religion.

1. It is so crazy to see how these groups so misinterpret the First Amendment of the Constitution. Are they reading this in English? Freedom FROM religion? Come on.

2. It is equally crazy to see the reaction of Christian conservatives who seem to believe this is just the end of our country. One comment said, “They’re taking away all our freedoms.”

Okay, they may be taking away SOME freedoms (and let the arguments begin as to which ones), but prayer? Really?

Just because the National Day of Prayer is no longer an “official” day, does that mean people can’t show up to public places and stand there and pray? Is it we just want the recognition?

We are be hurled toward the day when the need to be Christian over being American is going to slap a lot of people awake. Government cannot recognize our desire to prayer. They should not endorse it. Nor should we expect them, as Christians, to be our nannies. Yet, conservatives keep looking for that endorsement and liberals keep insisting that nanny.

It’s not the end of the world. That’s in 2012.

In the mean time… let us pray.

2 thoughts on “Mountains Out of Molehills

  1. I often prayed in public school. I prayed before every exam, asking God to help me remember what I had studied. I simply prayed quietly in my heart. Sometimes I wonder why some people are so demanding that some things be public. I’ve seen some pretty raunchy Christian behavior among those who make the loudest Christian sounds in public. Let’s see, what did Jesus say about praying in public or in private?!

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