Thoughts on Character

One of my greatest challenges, personally, is doing what I know to do at the best of my ability… when it’s not noticed. As a pastor, I must do ministry well, though I receive no award because I don’t have huge numbers, big buildings, or large budgets. Just pastor people well.

As a teacher, I must teach well. I have that ability, so I must deliver to the best of that ability. Leave behind something, whether I get my own idea of “recognition” or not. Do things well.

One thought on “Thoughts on Character

  1. This is good. I also think of performance as part of our character, doing things as best as we can, more than 100 percent. I am reminded of a band member from a band I really admire when he had this to say about performance and character. He said when I am up on the stage I have to think of the audience. They came from all over the states or world to see us, and paid for a ticket. and maybe this is the very first time they ever seen us live, and maybe it might be the very last time they ever see us. So I give them the very best I can so when it’s done and said there is a lasting impression that is a good one. It was well worth the trip and well worth the ticket. That they didn’t get something lackluster in any way.
    So Pastor Dan, when in the pulpit or classroom I am very sure you are doing the very best in your ability, because it could be the very first time a person walks in the church or classroom and maybe the very last time. I know you are!!

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