Book Review: Enjoying Prayer

One of my heroes in the faith is Calvin Olson. Calvin was a missionary to southern Asia for many years. When I knew him he was retired as a missionary and traveled throughout our state with our district superintendent to conduct monthly prayer and fasting days. Every fall prayer retreat before he passed away, you could find Calvin Olson there.

One of the last things I remember Calvin saying was this: “I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to prayer meetings.” The man loved to pray and you could tell. Talking to Calvin was like talking to God. I’m serious.

My friend, Kevin Senapatiratne of Christ Connection Ministries, has come out with a book that will help all of us become addicted to prayer meetings, and prayer. (Don’t try and pronounce that last name unless you are from Sri Lanka.)

Kevin’s book is called Enjoying Prayer: Launching Your God Adventure. It is completely accessible. Each chapter is short and its intentional. Read a chapter and try it out. It’s a good strategy. Kevin proposes different strategies to really make prayer real… and, well, enjoyable. He tries all kinds of crazy things in prayer. He even named his dog after a TV personality because he is praying on a consistent basis for that TV personality. What a way to remember to pray for someone! (I’ll name my hamster Paris.)

Each chapter concludes with a “Next Step Question” and a prayer idea. It’s a great work to help people launch into the JOY of prayer!

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