If You Taught Church History…

This next semester I get the shot at teaching a subject I have been desiring to teach for quite some time: CHURCH HISTORY. I get to teach one section covering the early church to the Reformation, then another section covering the Reformation to today.

I want to cover key figures in both sections.

Church History I — Augustine, the Desert Fathers (my key area of interest), the Seven Church Councils, Constantine’s conversion, the forming of the Canon, the East/West split, possibly Anselm, and definitely Aquinas.

Church History II — Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Wycliffe and the English translations, early American revivals, the Wesleys, American revivals (Finney, Moody, etc.), and 20th Century missions.

That’s not exhaustive, but key.

What would YOU cover in either section of history? I remember another professor at my school that was upset because his son had gone to the school and couldn’t remember hearing about Luther or Calvin ONCE. I know we’re more of a “liberal arts” school now, but REALLY? We require students to take a LOT of Bible classes and we couldn’t fit in Luther and Calvin?

If your child was going to learn church history, what do you want to make sure they do not miss?

3 thoughts on “If You Taught Church History…

  1. Not exhaustive, but key for sure! Excellent choices! I wish I was doing the teaching!

    Personally, I’d like to find out as much about the earliest church as possible, just after the Apostles. And I’d like to see more emphasis on what it was like for the people of the church, and not just the leaders. It’s probably almost impossible to find that, but it would be neat to learn about that, I think.

  2. I sure wouldn’t leave out our failures, like the Crusades (and comparing this to the similar religious furor fueling modern Islamo-Fascism). I would also make sure to cover our victories, like the abolition of the British slave trade under WIlliam Wilberforce. I have longed to teach a Sunday School class on Church History, but a few key attendees complained that “it would be too boring.” Maybe one day…

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