The Big OUCH

I have seen the book on different sites, but this blurb gives some GREAT quotes. Be prepared to be mad, or say “Ouch.”

Some of my favorites:

They wish the church could be more diverse, but then leave to meet in a coffee shop with other well-educated thirtysomethings who are into film festivals, NPR, and carbon offsets.

They want to be connected with history, but are sick of the same prayers and same style every week.

Good stuff.

4 thoughts on “The Big OUCH

  1. They might come off that way with just the list. However, I think those who make statements they are countering often come off as elitist as well. I think these guys have such a heart for the Church as the Body of Christ.

  2. Does this list of attitude on the blurb site describe any or a few of the churches in the Book of Revelations? With a list like this the complaints and judgements, I would say that the individual and/or group doing the ‘pointing out’ stuff forgot the reason why believers gather in the first place. And that is sick.

  3. It’s a book that responds to the Emergent Church. It’s a couple of guys who are in the age bracket where it’s assumed they would be “emergent” but they are not. This book explains why they are not. It’s why they actually LOVE the Church.

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