Apprehended by God

My teaching has focused on the Book of Acts and Philippians due to my teaching schedule at college and my ministry at the church. This week I brought together Saul’s conversion and the beautiful passage out of Philippians 3 where Paul cries out: “I want to know Christ!”

I will not do justice to the Philippians 3 passage in my Sunday message because the focus is on the conversion. Saul, an enemy of the Church, is totally apprehended by Christ. He is not seeking Christ! He does not care for Christ! Yet, Jesus stops him cold and yanks him out of the enemy camp. What grace!

Jesus doesn’t judge him. He CALLS him! He appoints this enemy to the greatest task facing the Church at the time: reaching the Gentiles.

Blogging does not allow for the length of thought I have been developing on this subject over the past few weeks. But I wanted to write SOMETHING down! I need to know this sense of being truly apprehended by Christ. I also long for the passion Paul pours out in Philippians 3. His longing to know Christ and apprehend him is deep. What a lifelong joy! My prayer is the Lord would carry ME into that joy and I would undertake that passionate pursuit of Christ as well.

2 thoughts on “Apprehended by God

  1. I am about through Philippians in the Prison Epistles class I’m teaching, but every time I read this letter, especially Chapter 3, I need to stay on my face before the Lord and repent! I am so lethargic and apathetic in my walk with Christ!

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