Church Fights You Can’t Quite Believe…

There are church fights, and then there are church fights. Sometimes there is a dispute that causes one to truly think about the issues.

This one baffled me a bit. Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson, was elected new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian where D. James Kennedy had been pastor for many years. This story details the issues, which I found hilarious. The REAL issue probably is, “He ain’t Dr. Kennedy!”

The issues they raised?

“Dissidents, including Kennedy’s daughter Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, were upset that, unlike Kennedy, Tchividjian has shunned a clerical robe and chosen not to focus on political issues from the pulpit.”

What? He won’t preach politics from the pulpit? To which I say, “HALLELUJAH!”

5 thoughts on “Church Fights You Can’t Quite Believe…

  1. I have thought from the beginning that no matter how wonderful Mr. Tchividjian may be, he was going to have problems. Churches seem to not really want a replacement for long-standing much-loved pastors.

  2. I don’t see anyone from the Graham clan having the same theology as the Kennedy clan. This is important because Presbyterians put a lot of focus on theology. That was until the “clerical robe” incident…

  3. I can understand the focus on theology. If that were true, they probably never would have truly considered him in the first place. Robe vs. no-robe doesn’t really rank up there, does it? And, in my view, it’s also the absence of political talk from the pulpit as well.

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