The Systems Are in Place…

Over the past few months I have been preaching on the Holy Spirit. One of the key areas of Spirit-filled life I’ve examined is Acts 2:42. The Early Church had a “system” to catch what the Spirit was doing in their lives.

1. The apostles’ teaching

2. Fellowship

3. The breaking of bread (which I think emphasizes the Lord’s Table)

4. Prayers

These forms came out of their Jewish heritage. They were already in place and God had set it up for them. It’s a good lesson! There are basic things we need in our lives and too often we’re out looking for God to do a “new thing.”

What I wonder is this: There may be a need for a “new thing” in how these disciplines look in our lives. Maybe THAT is the “new thing.” So, how do I lead my church in a way where the power of the Spirit is touching us and we have these “systems” in place?

What forms do we take on that are useful for our day? For teaching, for fellowship, for the Table, for Prayers. What do we, as a church, create to make sure we are capturing in our lives what the Spirit is doing?

2 thoughts on “The Systems Are in Place…

  1. Daniel, this past May I became the pointman, if you will, of a new church plant. I spent a lot of time reflecting on Acts 2:42-47.

    This is what I came away with: these disciplines in meaningful community but done organically. You’ll have to find what works best for your community of believers.

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