Why I Love the Church

I am not certain at all about the contents of the book, but I love the title. If I ever get to teach a class on ecclessiology, I might pick this up to see if it’s worth using as a text.

I find myself trying to “defend” in some way why I truly love the church. If I weren’t a pastor, I’d still be in church every week. I’d find a body of believers, dig in, and love the people and the worship.

And being a pastor is only icing on the cake! I get to lead some amazing people. Check that, I get to pastor some amazing people. I deeply care for the people I am charged with by the Lord. Their hurts are my hurts. Their victories are my victories.

Here is another thing I want people to understand about me: If you insult someone in my congregation, you insult me. If you don’t like someone in my congregation, you don’t like me. That’s the Body. We are inter-connected.

The Church is the organism Christ has chosen to use for his glory. So, as Christ so dearly loves his church, I want to have that passion in me. I don’t want to be disconnected. I don’t want to go shop for some church that meets my very peculiar needs to the “T.”

Quite honestly, while I like technology, if they don’t put something up on a screen in video, I’m a happy camper. Let’s just worship the One who brought us together!

I’m quirky in this matter, but I must confess, I truly love the church!

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