I am currently working my way through 1 Corinthians. Chapter 3 is a place where I walk carefully. This time through has not been very easy for me. It’s not easy any time.

It’s about building. It’s about my futile chase for significance. It’s about where I seek approval. This chapter usually leaves me spiritually shredded.

Confession: probably the greatest struggle I have personally is the struggle to “feel significant.” Is what I am doing counting. The problem is this: where I am looking for approval?

This chapter helps reset my compass. (I think I just need to read it every day to get over this crazy struggle!) The fact of the matter is this: I will have the opportunity on the Last Day to present to the Lord what I have done. How have I built on the foundation that is Jesus Christ?

The final exam is not before my church denomination. It’s not before some university administration. It’s not before some other place where I constantly think about, longing to be noticed. On that day I come with all I have done and it will be a pile of all kinds of things. There will be (hopefully) gold, silver, and precious stones. There will be a lot of wood, hay and straw. But the exam will be given by my Savior. His fire will test. My final “body of work” will be graded by my Savior.

How have I built?

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