Taking a stand for something is tough. There are things I have disagreed with when it came to Rick Warren, yet one thing I used to appreciate about him was he seemed to be willing to take a stand.

Used to appreciate…

Last fall California went through the issue of Proposition 8, which would define marriage as one man, one woman. Rick Warren came out and made a stance in support of Prop 8.

Now, he’s backtracking. It’s not a matter of saying, “You know what, I have reconsidered and I think I made the wrong move.”

No, he’s saying he NEVER said he supported it.

Rick, Rick, Rick. You need to learn that just about every word out of your mouth is recorded!

In the name of Michelle Bachmann, please learn to speak clearly and don’t say you didn’t say something when it’s blatantly obvious what you SAID!

It’s a disappointment to have someone I thought I could truly admire pull something blatantly hypocritical like this.

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