Different thoughts from the week, the month… the year.

I will admit this is yet another vain attempt to see if I get ANY kind of response from people! These are different things I have read over the last week and have been stirring in my mind.

This column from David Horowitz explains as well as anything I’ve read why I am fed up with conspiracy theories. This also reinforces my determination, as a conservative Christian who chooses to live prophetically in this world, to PRAY for Barack Obama as president… and mean it.

For conservatives, and conservative Christians, we were angry with the deep anger thrown at George Bush. Well… we started it with Bill Clinton. Now, we want to just jump right back in and throw mud at Barack Obama. I anticipate I will disagree with much of his policy, but I cannot engage any more in conspiracy theories. AND, Paul calls on us in Romans to pray for our leaders.

When we truly live prophetically as believers in this world, I think we’ll get people all around us ticked off at one time or another. Rick Warren was chosen to give the invocation at the Inaugural. So, Obama has ticked off gay rights advocates because Warren supported Proposition 8 in California. Warren will tick off evangelicals (especially conservatives) by being around such a “lefty.” (It’ll happen. Just give it a few days.)

For those who think Obama will usher in the great socialist government and capitalism is finished as we know, I have news as well. I am a fan of George Bush and I am in the minority. I confess that. I feel better about it now.

However, the biggest disappointment I have of his administration is not Iraq or the war on terror. It’s the bailout. When the big $700 billion bailout came I was furious. Then, this quote topped it all off:

“It’s not based on any particular data point,” a Treasury spokeswoman told Forbes.com Tuesday. “We just wanted to choose a really large number.” (The full story is here.)

And, obviously, that bailout has “worked.” (I’m trying not to laugh as I type that.) Now, we get ready to bail out the auto industry. And this socialism isn’t about Karl Marx. It’s the rich bailing out the rich on the backs of normal taxpayers.

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  1. I’m often not sure how to respond to my conservative friends who are convinced the world will end under President-elect Obama’s term. I guess the best way is to emphasize our need to pray for our leaders…

  2. To me it comes down to obedience. Paul calls us to rise above it all and pray for our leaders. I personally think it is SOOO much easier praying for a president in the US that I may have not voted for than for a dictator who would rather cut my head off than listen to my opinions!

  3. Yep. I enjoy debating and talking about political agendas and idealogies. There is so much emotion involved when I begin these debates I am amazed. I think that some of us want to see President Elect Obama fail, so then we can say, “I told you so.” I get the feeling that this is more important to people then solving problems. We have had good and poor Republican and Democrat presidents in our history.

    Just like all great causes, it begins with the individual influencing their family. The family needs to be an influence to the community and the community should become an influence to the larger society. We need to rediscover how to disagree. I am coming to realize that this is a true art that I believe we have lost. I had an old pastor who talked about the sin of “offense.” We become offended all to easy and cannot accept differences.
    — how about that for a Nick thought- focused and straight to the point!

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