I have grown up in the Pentecostal church. It is a church and movement I dearly love. The missions effort among our denomination is strong and one of the biggest in the world. Pentecostal theology is powerful.

Yet, in our culture today, there is a drawing of political power that is mesmerizing conservative Christians, and even Pentecostals. We see a decline of morals in our culture, but more and more it seems our answer has become to elect “right” people who appoint “right” judges.

The arm of flesh will fail us.

Was it right for John Kerry to go into pulpits of churches in the last presidential campaign? As conservatives, we cried foul. Yet, we allowed Bill Frist to come into conservative pulpits to urge Christian conservative voters to get on the phone to their senators to make sure the conservative judges that were blocked by Democrats would get an up or down vote on the Senate floor. Was that any more “right”?

We complain when liberals “flip flop”. However, when Tom Delay faced indictments in his home state, the Republican House Caucus quickly moved to update their rules. Why? Because the old rule stated when a House Republican member came under indictment, they would need to step down in any leadership role they may have. Can anyone say, “FLIP FLOP”?

It has become more of a political agenda in conservative Christian circles year by year. It is not comfortable for me. There will be a shaking of Christ’s Church in this nation one day. There will be a time when all around us will be shaken and we may face the challenge of NOT being “in the majority” or even liked…or even legal. What then?

What matters is CHRIST. Is he the full treasure of my life? Am I crucified with Christ? Is he living fully in me?

I want to be known by my CENTER, not my peripheral issues. Is Christ my center?

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