Off to San Francisco — Worlds Far Apart

As a pastor, I am about to experience two very different worlds in a matter of hours.

The first world was a dream for me. I performed a wedding for a couple in the Minnesota Twins ballpark, Target Field. I am a huge baseball fan, so being able to walk on the field, sit in the dugout, etc., was a lot of fun. The reception in one of the fabulous guest services reception areas was amazing. When we exited the facility we were taken through a club level where only original season ticket owners to the new field had passes. There were places I got to go I certainly won’t get to see any other time I go to the game. It was a fun day.

The second world will come less than 48 hours later. I will be in San Francisco with our team of pastors serving in the Tenderloin District. San Francisco itself is, of course, a world class city, but the Tenderloin District is… well… NOT. We will be serving a mission there and help in any way they want to reach out to the cast-offs of our society.

We will be there all week, but I won’t be taking my computer, so blogging will be a minimum effort for the time there. I hope to have some thoughts on the trip when I get back.


There and Back

I mentioned last week the incredible surprise our church and city gave us for our 15th anniversary as pastors and 25th wedding anniversary.

It was a “there and back” trip that was all too quick, and beyond imagination for us. We are so immensely grateful to everyone who gave so much to treat Terri and I to such a wonderful gift. Every moment (with the exception of coming back to snow on the ground) was simply perfect. We could not have planned or asked for anything more incredible to celebrate these milestones.

We are deeply grateful to our church family, our city family, and our great friends Dave and Carolyn, since it was their wedding we were able to attend!

2013-04-12 08.48.30