The necessity of waiting on God

Moses was called up to the mountain. There he was in the powerful presence of God 40 days and nights. Moses spent the forty days in the presence of God and received the blueprint for God’s heart concerning Israel. Israel “waited” at the bottom of the mountain and fell back to their old patterns fromContinue reading “The necessity of waiting on God”

How to wait

The call of Jesus to his disciples was to wait until they were clothed with power from on high. In the waiting, we need a sense of anticipation. For the Church, we shouldn’t be waiting alone. We should be waiting together. It’s not about sticking ourselves in a room until something happens… although I’m notContinue reading “How to wait”

I waited patiently… okay… I didn’t

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. (Ps. 40:1, NLT) I am not patient. There are times when the need is so severe… and so immediate… that desperation sets in and I am not patient. At all. The mistakes I make when I don’t wait are fairly numerous. It becomesContinue reading “I waited patiently… okay… I didn’t”

Waiting… and waiting…

In the words of Shawn Spencer, my favorite TV detective (currently): “Wait for iiiiiitttttt.” But waiting is such an awful thought! We complain and we want an answer… NOW. We ask something from God and we want it… NOW. Habakkuk was an impatient prophet. God did answer, just not in a way Habakkuk liked. 2 ThenContinue reading “Waiting… and waiting…”